What is CalFresh?

CalFresh helps Californians with grocery money each month so you can go from feeling stressed to supported.

Who is CalFresh For?

CalFresh is for people with low-income who meet federal income eligibility rules and want to add to their budget to put healthy and nutritious food on the table.

You don’t have to be totally broke to apply for CalFresh. It’s one more smart way to help make ends meet when you’re between jobs or have a side job.

Expansion of CalFresh to SSI/SSP Recipients!

Beginning June 1, 2019, recipients of SSI/SSP benefits may be eligible for CalFresh Food benefits for the first time! There is no change to the SSI/SSP monthly benefit.

How old do you have to be to apply?

People over 18 can apply either for themselves or as a household. Even if you live with parents or roommates who are working, you may still be eligible.

Can you qualify if you earn some income?

You can be unemployed long-term or short-term, or making a little money and still be eligible. In fact, many people on CalFresh work part-time in food service, ride sharing, dog walking, or similar jobs.

Is there a limit to the number of people who get benefits?

There’s no limit to how many people or families get help. About 4.8 million Californians in 2.6 million households receive CalFresh Food benefits now, and there’s nearly 2 million more Californians who are eligible but haven’t yet signed up. So, everyone who qualifies will receive them.

Do you have to pay back the benefits?

CalFresh Food benefits are not a loan so you don’t have to worry about paying them back.

How do I use the CalFresh card?

It works just like any other debit card. You can use it at most major grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and to order groceries online from your favorite places like Amazon.com. Plus, your dollars double to a certain value at many farmers markets. You can also use your card on InstaCart and it waives the delivery fee!

Is it hard to apply?

Applying is easy and we can help! Sometimes, the questions being asked can be confusing but our enrollment specialists at our center have been trained to assist you.

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