When we understand that sometimes it’s just easier to watch a video to learn about something. Below are a few to help you in your job search. Our video library is growing as we produce more to help our job seekers and employers. Keep checking back.  Also, we have links to other third party sources that may be of interest below.

Finding a fundable training program on CalJOBS' ETPL

Finding a fund-able training program on the CalJOBS training provider list:

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

What is an Applicant Tracking System & what does it have to do with a job search?

Formatting a Resume to Work within the constraints of an ATS

Formatting a resume to work within the constraints of an ATS:

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Recorded workshop that steps you through each section of a LinkedIn profile, why it’s there and how to optimize it.

Recruiter Forum with Workday

Part 1 of 2, Recruiter Forum with Workday (Note: turn up your volume):

Recruiter Forum with Workday, 2 of 2

Part 2 of 2, Recruiter Forum with Workday (Note: turn up your volume):

Just a Year to Your Next Career

The next step in your career is closer than you think.  Chabot and Las Positas colleges have certificates you can finish is a year’s time.

Third-party sites with lots of great videos:

California EDD: The Employment Department YouTub channel includes videos on how to get a job with the state, as well as extensive unemployment information in English & Spanish.
CalHR/CalCareers:  This YouTube channel offers a series of 10-11 videos to help through the State’s hiring process and testing.
Additional CalHR resources include: Office Technician Study Guide, Employment Program Representative Test Questions, Personnel Management Practice Questions and Various Testing Question Guides
CareerOneStop:  This extensive video library includes information on different careers, skills & abilities and different work options.
Andrew LaCivita: Andrew’s Youtube channel includes a informative and straight forward videos on a number of job seeking subject.
BBC Digital Fluency: BBC’s YouTube channel includes ten short videos are digital fluency, which is an important job and life skill. (Also includes some Learning English videos for those learning the language)