Attracting Passive Candidates: Your Next Great Hires May Not Be Looking for a Job

November 12, 2019 | Tri-Valley Career Center
Since most currently employed workers are not actively looking for another job, recruiting passive candidates requires a multi-layered and more proactive recruitment process in order to find and persuade them to consider a new job. However, pursuing passive candidates is worth the additional effort.

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How to Explain Employment Gaps on Your Resume

October 15, 2019 | Tri-Valley Career Center
Gaps in employment history can be one of the most challenging issues a job seeker faces. Gaps in employment history can be one of the most challenging issues a job seeker faces. A recent study showed that job applicants who gave a reason for their employment gap received close to 60% more interviews than those who did not, and among applicants who provided a reason for their work gap, those who said they received additional training or education ended up with the highest callback rate.

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An Effective Profile is the Key to Getting Results from LinkedIn’s Easy Apply

October 15, 2019 | Tri-Valley Career Center
LinkedIn’s Easy Apply is a one-click application feature on a select number of job postings featured on LinkedIn blogger Biron Clark (How to Use LinkedIn Easy Apply to Get Interviews) estimates that between 35-45% of jobs feature the Easy Apply option on LinkedIn, depending on industry and position. If the Easy Apply feature is available, you can respond to job postings quickly and easily.

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Apprenticeship Programs Move Beyond the Traditional Trades

September 17, 2019 | Tri-Valley Career Center
The US Department of Labor created registered apprenticeship nearly 100 years ago, and it has proven to be a successful approach to preparing workers for jobs while meeting the needs of business for a highly skilled workforce. Registered apprenticeship is an employer-driven, “learn while you earn” model that combines on-the-job training, provided by the employer that hires the apprentice, with job-related instruction in curricula tied to the attainment of national skills standards. With training and support from their employer, apprentices gain the skills they need to ensure success in their new careers.

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Do Your Job Announcements Reflect Unconscious Gender Bias?

September 17, 2019 | Tri-Valley Career Center
Your company, like most organizations, is no doubt compliant with federal and state legislation that prohibits discrimination against applicants and employees based on gender. Several studies have shown that many common words used in job descriptions have male or female associations. Professors from the University of Waterloo and Duke conducted extensive research examining how male gendered words in job descriptions impact the willingness of females to apply.

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Why Overqualified Applicants Could Be Your Best Hires

September 17, 2019 | Tri-Valley Career Center
Are you automatically screening out candidates that you consider overqualified for your open positions? Unfortunately, this routine elimination of applicants with more education and experience than is specified in the job description happens all too often, to the detriment of both job seekers and companies. In fact, you may be losing out on potentially exceptional employees by screening out highly motivated candidates because their resumes are more extensive or impressive than you expected.

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Tap into the Hidden Job Market to Boost Your Job Search

August 12, 2019 | Tri-Valley Career Center
If you have responded to numerous online job postings and are still not hearing back from companies, consider getting out from behind the computer and tap into the hidden job market. The term hidden job market refers to open positions that aren't advertised or posted online. Many employers try to reduce the time and expense of an online application process by hiring internally, working with recruiting firms and headhunters and requesting referrals from their current employees.

Find and Make Connections Inside Your Target Companies

August 12, 2019 | Tri-Valley Career Center
Once you have compiled your list of target organizations where you think you would like to work, you are ready to focus your networking efforts to find and connect with contacts inside each target organization. There are a number of important steps in this process, including: reaching out to people you know, using LinkedIn to broader your contact list, and using social networks.

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How You Can Help Justice-Involved Individuals Re-enter the Workforce

July 11, 2019 | Tri-Valley Career Center
Darcey McAllister, Principal Consultant, HRT Northwest, admits that she was one of those HR people reluctant to hire justice-involved individuals under the assumption that once trouble – always trouble. However, her husband, who worked in the court system for twenty years, helped her realize the error of this stereotyping. She recognized from hearing his stories that our society often sets up those released from prison for failure through a myriad of barriers to re-entry.

Justice-Involved Applicants Could be Your Next Great Hires

July 11, 2019 | Tri-Valley Career Center
Every year 700,000 men and women are released from prison or jail and re-enter society. Unfortunately, as SHRM Public Affairs Manager Mary Kaylor points out (#Nextchat: Getting Talent Back to Work with Second Chance Hiring), these job seekers are often locked out of the job market due to outdated employment practices that continue to present barriers to their hiring.

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